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Your bike in the best hands


Preparation, maintenance, crash repair, upgrades  

Machine workshop

Welding, milling, turningmachines to produce all our prototypes


Our dedicated TKRP engineers are responsible for the preparation, maintenance and upgrades on your racing bike. For this, the engineers do have the disposition of the high sophisticated and professional workshop including the advanced equipment.

A Dynostar Model 70 is installed in the dynocentre. This highly accurate dynamometer is also equipped with a retarder which allows our engineers to adjust engine Fi/Ign mappings to different throttle/rpm positions and engine torque loads.

We are specialized in mapping of the HRC kit ECU’s and multibrand external fi/ign units

The same engineers are available for worldwide on-track service. During this support trips we can of course support you to find a better bike set-up as well as to try and support your team organisation.


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