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Used Bikes

Racing bikes, especially when they were used in competition, are often pushed to their maximum potential and this makes that these racing bikes have a hard live. For this reason it is very hard to tell or see if a race bike is in technically good state just by having a quick look or lap around the bike. Has the bike been crashed, is the engine still in good condition and when has it been serviced for the last time?

TKRP only sells used bikes that have previously been build by TKRP and that have followed TKRP service intervals. This is why availability of our used bikes for sale can fluctuate now and then. TKRP bikes are always sold with rebuild engine and chassis just to be sure our customer will buy a racing bike in technically new state.

The racing bikes are always delivered with the TKRP racing manual and all needed suspension and engine base settings. When required the new owner follows a training program in the TKRP training centre.

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