Put your engine to the test!

Here at Ten Kate we know the value of a perfectly running engine, as it can make the difference between winning a championship and getting only a few podiums; or leaving a trackday with a smile or a broken engine.

There is only one way to find out if your engine is running perfectly: Put it to the test!

The dyno 

Ten Kate Racing Products uses a high-end Dynostar test bench, that is also being used by the Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team. This dyno is equipped with a driving wind simulator and the most recent exhaust gas measurement. Because of the retarder on this dyno, we can test engine performance in two different ways:

-          Dynamic: With dynamic testing, the track conditions are being simulated (not more resistance than on the road). This way horsepower and torque can be measured. In a dynamic test, lambda values and power gets logged over the entire RPM range, so you get a good overall view of your engine performance.

-          Static: With static testing, a certain load can be added to test the engines’ performance. Also any preferred RPM level can be retained to get a more detailed view, which is critical to optimally adjust the ECU. Ten Kate Racing Products can offer you a variety of tests, to fine-tune your engine and get the most out of it. All tests will be performed by the highly qualified engineers of Ten Kate Racing Products, with years of experience in world level racing.

Ten Kate Racing Products can offer you the following packages:

TKRP quick performance test

Get to know your engine in only 30 minutes! Perfect for trackday riders who want to know more about their engine performance.

In this 30-minute-test, your bike’s performance will be tested with a dynamic test. The exhaust gas (lambda) is also being measured, to see if the engine gets the right fuel/air mixture.

When the test is finished, the specialist will give you a print of the performance output of your bike and advises you on how to fine-tune and possibly improve your engine performance, based on the test results. After that it is up to you whether you want to keep riding like you do, or take further steps and work out a plan with the engineer.

€39,95 (Including VAT!) 
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TKRP ECU / Power Commander mapping

The easy way to optimize engine performance!

A lot of bikes, especially those that are used on trackdays, do not have an optimized ECU mapping. The main reason is the strict emission rules that manufacturers have to follow nowadays, which causes the engine to run on a very lean fuel mixture.

Another reason could be performance upgrades like another exhaust system or another air filter. These upgrades change the ‘breathing’ of the engine, which the ECU should be adjusted to.

It is often something that’s being forgotten, but it can help a lot with getting a better throttle response and increasing performance.

Ten Kate Racing Products is specialized in ECU mapping and has gained a lot of experience with the most common ECU systems over the years. We are equipped with the soft- and hardware licenses of most of these ECU systems, so we can work deeply inside it and get the most out of the ECU mapping.

If you choose this package, your engine gets tested including lambda measurement. After this your ECU or Power Commander will be optimally adjusted by the specialist of TKRP. This package takes about 2 hours and you will receive a print of the performance output afterwards.

€139,95  (ex. VAT) 
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Ten Kate Racing Products became more and more specialized in ECU adjustment through the years, which has made it possible to remove ECU restrictions and adjust fuel maps, ignition timing and Throttle by Wire. But it doesn’t stop there, as we can also erase exhaust valve servo motors and lambda sensors from your ECU, for example.

Do you want to get the most out of your ECU? Then please contact us for the options.

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The engine dyno

Besides the motorcycle dyno, we are also equipped with an engine dyno for (for example) CBR600RR, CBR1000RR and 
YZF-R6 engines. This makes us more flexible and allows us to test and adjust engine configurations that do not fit inside a motorcycle frame anymore, like sidecar- and autocross engines. A benefit of engine dyno testing is the very accurate and direct power delivery to the dyno, as the dyno is directly attached to the engine. 

For the engine dyno, Ten Kate Racing Products can offer you the following packages:

TKRP ECU mapping

Sidecar or autocross engines usually have a bigger airbox and a different exhaust system. Due to this the ‘breathing’ of the engine has changed, which the ECU should be adjusted to. This is critical to get the engine to perform at its best.

In this package, your engine gets mounted on the engine dyno. It will then be tested including lambda measurement, after which the specialist will adjust the ECU to optimize engine performance. After the test and ECU adjustment, you will receive a print of the performance output of your engine. This package takes about 4 hours.

€339,95 (ex. VAT)
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TKRP compare test
Find the perfect match!

There is no better way to compare parts than 
to put them to the test. Therefore Ten Kate Racing Products has made the ‘compare test' packages. For example, do you have two exhaust systems and would you like to know how they perform compared to each other and other components in your engine? Find the perfect match at Ten Kate Racing Products!

Before testing, a test program is made to determine which parts are being compared. After that the engine gets mounted on the engine dyno and the test program is carried out, together with the client. When necessary, the mapping of the engine gets adjusted to optimize engine performance. After the test you will receive a report, including test results and recommendations of our specialist.

There are two ‘compare test' packages to choose from: 
Half a day (4 hours): €339,95 (ex. VAT)
Entire day (8 hours): €649,95 (ex. VAT)  
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Above are the packages that you can choose from straight away. However, if you would like to test something else or if you have any suggestions, we would kindly ask you to contact us for the options. We are always eager to develop! 

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