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By our proffesional and experianced engine tuners


Engine rebuild


Cylinderhead portflow-increase power

Motorcycle Engine tuning


TKRP Dyno testing centre
As a first step to tuning of a bike or engine it is important to measure the current performance. TKRP has the disposition of both engine and bike dynos from Dynostar.
Both dynos are equiped with a dynamic engine brake retarder to allow us to load the engine which is very usefull lambda measuring at different engine rpm and tps load.

With the emmission targets for todays motorcycles manufactureres are forced to develop their engine mappings in order to pass the homologation tests. Usually this doenst result in the optimum engine performance and throttle feeling. TKRP has very experianced specialist in ECU mappings to fine tune the mapping of both street and racing bikes. We do have the tooling and software to work inside the bike ECU but we also work with additional units like power commander and rapid bikes to get your bike to optimum performance and throttle feeling.

Bike dyno:
A first performance and lambda check for a motorbike takes around 1/2 hour. After this you get a print from the dyno and lamba graph with of course the explanation and advice from the TKRP engine tuner. Very often we see that there is an easy way to gain some engine performance because the ECU mapping doesnt seem to match the in and exhaust setting. If the lambda values are to far of we can re-map your ECU or fi/ign unit.

If the ECU settings are all fine but you still like to increase engine performance of your bike?
Let Ten Kate Racing Products tune your engine. Our engineers belong to the best engineers in the world. How can they not, they tune the Honda CBR1000RR and the CBR600RR engines in World Superbike and World Supersport series. And man are they fast!

The TKRP engines are tuned in house at our tuning department by our experienced and dedicated engine builders. Enquiries at TKRP's engine tuning department have increased significantly over the last couple of years with a huge demand from privateer teams to build specific race engines as well as customers on road bikes to increase performance. The engineers working in the dedicated workshop in the north of Holland are continuously building and rebuilding engines for teams competing in national and international competitions and for those who desire to ride the best machines on track days or even road use.

Do you tune all bikes or just the CBR600RR en CBR1000RR Fireblade?

We are specialized in Honda CBR600RR and Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade tuning but we tune every bike and every brand. We are specialized in CBR600RR and Fireblade but we can tune almost every bike and every brand. Ten Kate also developed a Yamaha R6 tuning kit. Since 2017 we are also tuning and maintaining the Yamaha R6 engines for the Oosterveen Oil racing team and Start Racing in the Dutch Supercup 600! Give us an engine and we make it faster. When we talk about tuning we talk about different stages of tuning.

 team rutger

Rutger Belt, Ten Kate Racing Products Manager; "We tune all brands and all bikes. When we tune we have different stages of tuning. Together we can decide what is best for you and your bike."


Stage 1: Street bikes

Stage 2: Sports line

Stage 3: Racing line


Do you want to go faster? Don`t hesitate, contact us!

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Different types of tuning explained

Streetbikes (stage 1):

Even when Honda CBR600RR and CBR1000RR models are on a very high standard, Ten Kate has found a way to make the engines performing even better. Depending on customer request we offer to improve engine performance by working on the in and exhaust eventually in combination with different Fi/Ign mapping, or even work to improve the engine as well.


First step to increase the engine performance is to use low resistance/high filter grade racing air filters in combination with the open exhaust system. The exhaust systems can of course be delivered including EU homologation/street legal. This set-up in combination with a external ECU unit to adjust and finetune FI/Ign timing already can give a significant performance upgrade without losing anything on reliability and ride ability.


Next to this we have developed a special stage 1 power up kit. This kit contains special TKRP cams to improve engine performance without losing to much mid range. The stage 1 kit in combination with the modified intake and exhaust will bring a CBR1000RR over 200Hp!

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Sports line (stage 2):

Special for trackday users we offer the stage 2 engine tuning kits based on the HRC performance parts. This engine tuning package most of time also depend on championship regulations and for this reason final specs will be worked out together with the customer. High engine performance with good top power, using regular road fuel, in combination with long service intervals will keep your running and rebuild cost for hobby racing on acceptable level.

Racing line (stage 3):

The very top-end engine tuning as Ten Kate is using in their World Superbike and World Supersport. High spec performance parts mostly coming from HRC and world famous Cosworth are used to get the maximum out of the engines.

A Dynostar Model 70 is installed in the dynocentre. This highly accurate dynamometer is also equipped with a retarder which allows our engineers to adjust engine Fi/Ign mappings to different throttle/rpm positions and engine torque loads. Ten Kate Racing Products is specialized in mapping of the HRC kit ECU’s and multibrand external fi/ign units.

To improve performance of a 4 stroke engine a lot of time is spend to improve the airflow through the enigine. Engine performance and characteristics are very much depending on the shape of the inlet and exhaust ports. To optimize cylinder head portflow our tuning department has the disposition of a Superflow 110 flowbench

TKRP has developed stage 3 engine kits for CBR600 CBR1000 and Honda NSF engines which are used for many years and by many teams in national and international championships.

Before delivery the TKRP racing engines follow a running in procedure and performance check. As we find the Fi/Ign base mapping as a important part of the engine of course this is included in the engine package.

With a TKRP racing engine you are ready to go on track looking for even faster laptimes!


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