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The serivce of Ten Kate Racing Products doesn't stop by delivering of parts and bike to our customers. To get the best out of our products we offer proffesional track support to our customers. From individual customer support service up to running a full wildcard project on world level. Ten Kate field engineers travel around the world!

IMG 1740  IMG 0107 1  Gresini CRT 1 
 M. Tannir QMMF race Qatar  F. Alkahter test Doha Qatar  Gresini MotoGP test CRT project Imola

Even the best racing bikes do not perform to their best without setting them up to the specific riders preferences. Suspension set-up, final gearing, gearbox ratios, and electronics set-up, are all important to set-up in a right way to gain maximum joy and to achieve fast laptimes in a save way. Setting up a racing bike request specific knowledge of the racing bike and the components that are used to prepare the bike. Next to this the rider comments need to be translated to a set-up change on to bike in order to improve performance. Sometimes problems can even be solved by a change of riding style. Datasystems need to be set-up in the right way and after the outing downloaded data need to be analysed to get advantage of the collected information. It is reasonable that not everybody has the techincal skills and knowledge to work this out and sort out the perfect bike setting.

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V. Barros Supersport test Angola   M. Neukirchen  IDM Assen  K. Bos British Supersport Assen

Our higly educated and dedicated support engineers did all work the official Ten Kate World Supersport or World Superbike team. With this world level experiance they are not only able to supply you the technical support but they also advice and teach your racing team to improve team organisation and structure.

So lets work together to get the best out of your racing bike! See you on track!