TKRP Honda CBR500R Let's Race!! SSP300

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Do you want to be like Dion Otten and race the Honda CBR500R SSP300? Take advantage now as Ten Kate and Honda release the special offer:
Let's Race!!   

TKRP Honda CBR500R SSP300 ready to race!! >

Based on the Dion Otten high end Honda CBR500R SSP300:

Ready to race using the world famous and high end TKRP racing parts:   

- TKRP lightweight race bodywork including quick release brackets,
- TKRP aerodynamic airflow race screen,
- TKRP calliper holder,
- TKRP adjustable footrest set,
- TKRP wheelbushes,

Developed by the specialist of Ten Kate Racing! 

For just € 5490,- ex VAT!!

Im ready to start please some info

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