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For sale: Ten Kate NSF250R Moto3

Honda NSF250R Moto3 for sale

·         Ten Kate Racing Products bike and engine

·         Front fork with Andreani piston kit upgrade

·         Rear shock Öhlins TTX

·         Arrow racing exhaust NSF250R

·         Extra silent exhaust (102dB)

·         Upgraded Nissin front caliper

·         Nissin GP spec master brake cylinder

·         TKRP Quickshifter

·         GET ECU with TKRP mapping

·         AIM MXL race dash and GPS datalogging system

·         Extended airbox with 2nd fuel injector

·         TKRP carbon air duct / intake kit

·         Extended subframe and extended clip-on clamps

·         Luyten rear sprocket carrier system + sprockets 36T – 42T

Engine (fitted)

·         Engine full TKRP Stage 2 kit (click here for more info)

·         Engine used for only one BSB season in 2016

·         Engine always serviced and tuned by TKRP at 1.500 km intervals

·         Total engine km’s at end of 2016 season approximately 1.600 km.

Package price (at end of BSB 2016)          € 18000,- (private sale, no VAT)

Bike used in BSB Moto3 championship by Tomás de Vries (#98) all maintenance always performed by TKRP in The Netherland. Bike has enough potential to finish in the Top 10. Top speed always within Top 10, even with rider being 194cm / 77kg. In 2016 the bike always finished in the points (P12 average, best P10 in dry and P8 in wet). Good maintained, no sever crash damages, normal race wear & tear which can be expected on a series at this level.