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New Bikes

Ready-to-race motorcycle!s



 You won’t be able to suppress the excitement when you see the new TKRP CBR500R.

The first steps off development at Ten Kate Racing Products are already made for a really competitive CBR500R racing bike to compete in the new WSSP300 classes. We are proud to announce that we can offer a full TKRP CBR500R bike package in a couple weeks.

TKRP Bike package: - Prepared TKR engine - TKRP Fairing parts - TKRP chassis parts - TKRP Suspension parts

The new TKRP CBR500R with a really good weight and power ratio will be for sure a really competitive bike for the upcoming season. To compete in the WSSP300 or just have some fun on some track days the CBR500R will be a great solution for you.

Please keep an eye on our Webshop: for the complete parts package. *soon available online*

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Technische eigenschappen

  • Building Package: TKRP CBR500R
  • Engine: Liquid-Cooled, parallel twin
  • Maximum power: *Depending off package*
  • Maximum torque: *Depending off package*
  • Exhaust: TKRP Arrow full exhaust racing system
  • Cooling: *Diffrent options*
  • Electronic system: TKRP Electrical kit
  • Traction Control: *TKRP GripOne P3 Stage 3 system option
  • Data logger: *AIM MXL datalog package option*
  • Quickshifter: TKRP/HM pc shifter
  • Wheels: *Diffrent options*
  • Weight (kg): Depending of bike spec.
  • Suspension Front: K-tech adjustable cardridge
  • Suspension Rear: K-tech adjustable shock
  • Clutch: STM Slipperclutch
  • Chain & Sprockets: Regina 520 / Sunstar
  • Brake pad's: SBS
  • Brake Disc's: Braking
  • Price: Depending off package.