You won’t be able to suppress the excitement when you see the new TKRP CBR500R.

The first steps off development at Ten Kate Racing Products are already made for a really competitive CBR500R racing bike to compete in the new WSSP300 classes. We are proud to announce that we can offer a full TKRP CBR500R bike package in a couple weeks.

TKRP Bike package: - Prepared TKR engine - TKRP Fairing parts - TKRP chassis parts - TKRP Suspension parts

The new TKRP CBR500R with a really good weight and power ratio will be for sure a really competitive bike for the upcoming season. To compete in the WSSP300 or just have some fun on some track days the CBR500R will be a great solution for you.

Please keep an eye on our Webshop: for the complete parts package. *soon available online*

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Technische eigenschappen

  • Building Package: TKRP CBR500R
  • Engine: Liquid-Cooled, parallel twin
  • Maximum power: *Depending off package*
  • Maximum torque: *Depending off package*
  • Exhaust: TKRP Arrow full exhaust racing system
  • Cooling: *Diffrent options*
  • Electronic system: TKRP Electrical kit
  • Traction Control: *TKRP GripOne P3 Stage 3 system option
  • Data logger: *AIM MXL datalog package option*
  • Quickshifter: TKRP/HM pc shifter
  • Wheels: *Diffrent options*
  • Weight (kg): Depending of bike spec.
  • Suspension Front: K-tech adjustable cardridge
  • Suspension Rear: K-tech adjustable shock
  • Clutch: STM Slipperclutch
  • Chain & Sprockets: Regina 520 / Sunstar
  • Brake pad's: SBS
  • Brake Disc's: Braking
  • Price: Depending off package.