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Ready-to-race motorcycle!s

New Bikes

Gerrit ten Kate (director): "We use our world level experience and knowledge to prepare the best and most competitive Honda racing bikes in for our customers. This saves our customer valuable testing time so they are able to work on fast laptimes from the first lap to go out"

TKRP is specialized in the preparation of races bikes from the Honda CBR600RR and CBR1000RR road versions and Moriwaki and NSF250R production racers . TKRP prepares bikes for trackday users up to racers for world level competition. The specifications are depending on customer request or, in case the bike will be used in competition, the regulations of this championship.

With the CBR1000RR ProjectX TKRP has also officially made the step to also prepare road bikes specials. The CBR1000RR ProjectX is probably the best example of re-developing racing technology for use on road bikes. Our racing bikes are always custom made and for this reason the first step is to discuss the requirements with our customers so together we can work out a preparation sheet for the bike. A privateer, who purchases a TKRP racer benefits instantly from the experience gained by the Ten Kate Honda team in the World Superbike and Supersport championships. The development tests in its first year of racing performance of the Honda CBR600RR and CBR1000RR machines are followed closely by a team of dedicated TKRP engineers who will translate the findings into suitable designs for the prototypes of the private TKRP machines. Only after thorough research and testing will the prototypes be translated into Solid Edge drawings before they are taken into production.

Enquiries at TKRP's workshop have increased significantly over the last couple of years with a huge demand from privateer teams to build specific race engines. The engineers working in the dedicated workshop in the north of Holland are continuously building engines for teams competing in national and international competitions and for those who desire to ride the best machines on track days or even road use. By getting closer to its audience and becoming more accessible, Ten Kate Racing products delivers a competitive package for anyone who wants to get the best out of their Honda for professional or track-day use. Customers who purchase a Superbike or Supersport at TKRP products are quickly up to speed, riding a machine that is competitive from the start, enabling them to blitz lap times and top the timing sheets of many national and international competitions. TKRP employs a specialised suspension technician who works on exclusively on testing and adjusting the right suspension setting. Only when it qualifies between certain pre-set limits the machine will be released for usage. Another important advantage of the TKRP machines is that they are supported by an extensive aftersales service. Upon delivery of the machine, the new owner receives a thorough guidance on the maintenance and ‘measuring' of the bike. The latter profits from the same techniques as used in the world championships where data collected on track is put into datasheets for further analysis. In case of a specific question regarding the set up or performance of the machine, they can quickly compare the customer's datasheet to the extensive database of gathered information and give thorough advice about the machine's correct settings.

A TKRP machine stands out from the crowd. Just like their World Supersport and Superbike title-winning cousins, these bikes are top of their class when it comes to performance and technology. The extensive knowledge of the TKRP team combined with an important aftersales service enables TKRP to develop machines capable of winning.